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Finance Your Hawaii Home Purchase


There are basically three ways to finance your Hawaii home. The first and most popular is obtaining a mortgage loan from a broker or lender. The second way to finance your Hawaii home is through seller financing. And the third method of buying your home is paying cash. Let’s look at each of these methods.

The most popular method for financing your Hawaii home purchase is through lender financing. You can obtain this mortgage loan directly through the lender themselves or through a mortgage broker. There are advantages and disadvantages to using each. By using a mortgage broker you will be able to gain access to numerous lenders/investors all wanting to purchase your mortgage from the broker...

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For Buyers Of Property on Oahu Hawaii


Dave Brilliant and Kona Ka’u Realty is a great resource for information and experience when buying Kapolei Real Estate, Makakilo Homes, Ko’olina Real Estate or anywhere on island. Learn more about using Dave Brilliant and Kona Ka’u Realty for your home buying experience by reading “Beginners Guide to Buying Property on the Island of Oahu. 

Are you new to the island? Are you relocating? Are you looking to buy a home or condo in Kapolei, Makakilo, Ko’olina or anywhere on Oahu? Do you want to learn more about buying your Hawaii dream home? If you would like to learn about the process is for buying a home in Hawaii please feel free to call Dave Brilliant with Kona Ka’u Realty at (808) 366-8714 with your questions.

By Dave Brilliant

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