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Hawaiian Paradise Park Hawaii is located in the upper Puna District on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is sometimes known as just Paradise Park, and sometimes it is referred to as HPP. It is located along the eastern shore line of Hawaii and is an extremely popular subdivision for people from the mainland like to rent and buy homes for sale. While the rental market in HPP is hot, there are even more Hawaiian Paradise Park homes for sale than just about any other area in Puna. The subdivision is located right off Highway 130 just south of Keaau and farther south of Hilo. Many residents live in HPP and work in and around Hilo, Keaau and Pahoa. There are so many Hawaiian Paradise Park homes for sale that some realty companies focus soley on this area only. Some roads in Hawaiian Paradise Park are paved and others are not. Which can make for some muddy cars and rut filled roads after heavy rains. Traffic in the morning going into Hilo Town is not bad. And even going home from Hilo is acceptable. It is unfortunately a very difficult and lengthy process to make the left hand turn across Highway 130 into HPP during rush hour traffic. This backs up traffic quite a bit when everyone wants to get home. For more information you can visit the Hawaiian Paradise Park Home Owners Association HERE

Hawaiian Paradise Park also offers affordable homes at reasonable prices. Also, Hawaiian Paradise Park Real Estate and land are available for sale at great prices. So if you are looking to buy or sell in this area please don’t hesitate to contact Dave Brilliant at Kona Ka’u Realty at (808) 366-8714 or you can e-mail me at dave@davebrilliant.com.