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Hawaiian Acres Hawaii Subdivision is located in the upper Puna District in the town of Mountain View on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is located off the belt road of Hawaii around mile marker 14 and South Kulani Road. The Hawaiian Acres Hawaii Subdivision consists of approximately 4,000 lots. Elevation is about 1,500 feet, it gets over 125 inches of rain a year and it is very cool during the summer. It is an extremely popular subdivision for people from the mainland who like to farm and grow coffee and other items. Many residents live in Hawaiian Acres and work in and around Hilo. Some roads in Hawaiian Acres are paved while most in the subdivision are not. Which can make for some muddy cars and rut filled roads after heavy rains. Traffic in the morning going into Hilo Town is not bad. And even going home from Hilo is acceptable. It is very easy to make the left hand turn into the subdivision during rush hour traffic. For more information you can visit the Hawaiian Acres Home Owners Association HERE

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